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Travelling by ferry does not involve any contraindications as long as they are in good health and their pregnancy is not at risk.

Pregnant women can board our ships safely; in any case, beyond the 6th month, they will be able to travel only if they have a medical certificate that authorizes the trip and guarantees their physical fitness, issued no more than 7 days before departure.

This certificate can be issued by the competent doctor or by an authorized structure.

In case of complications during pregnancy, the certificate must be presented regardless of the month of gestation.

In any case, the right of the Ship Commander to refuse the boarding of a pregnant woman who is, at her sole discretion, in a health condition that does not allow her to undertake the journey remains unaffected.

In the event that the Captain refuses to board the passenger for a justified reason, the Carrier will only be required to reimburse the passage ticket.


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